How to Play Pokemon Go (Any Retro Game) on iPhone – DELTA

[How-To] Play Pokémon on iPhone with Delta Emulator [All Pokémon Games]: If you are here, then you do not require any introduction to the amazing Delta Emulator on iPhone developed by Riley Testut. With Delta Emulator, you can play N64, NES, SNES, DS, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced retro games on your iPhone.

Play Any RetroGames on iPhone with Delta - Pokemon Go
Play Any RetroGames on iPhone with Delta – Pokemon Go

Here, we will talk specifically about Pokémon and how you can play Pokémon using Delta Emulator on iPhone. Assuming you have the ROMs handy for the Pokémon game, you must follow the steps below to play it on your iPhone. 

Download Pokemon Go (or Any Retro Games on iPhone) for Free

These are very simple steps to follow to get the Delta Emulator, unlike sideloading. You can install it just like you install any other app from the app store on your iPhone. Before going ahead, you should check out this guide on – How to Move Saved Files from iGBA to Delta Emulator (STEPS).

  • Make sure you have Delta Emulator installed on your iPhone. If you do not have Delta installed, tap on the link below to check out the steps.

   Download Delta Emulator

(No Sideloading, No Jailbreak. It’s just a normal app now)

Install Delta Emulator

  • Using your PC, upload the Pokémon ROM to your Google Drive.

Upload ROM files to Delta Emulator

  • Next, from Google Drive, download the ROM file on your iPhone storage in the Files app.
  • Now, launch Delta.
  • Using the ‘+’ or ‘Import’ option, browse and select the Pokémon ROM.

Install ROM files on to Delta Emulator

  • That’s it! Delta will launch Pokémon on iPhone now.Enjoy Pokemon Go with Delta Game Game Emulator
  • Enjoy the game now.

Explore Game

Before we close, please note that the above steps do not work just for Pokémon. For any retro game you want to enjoy on iPhone using Delta, you have to follow the above steps. So, be it Pokémon Moon Black 2, Pokémon Red, Pokémon Unbound, Pokémon Emerald, or Pokémon White; you can play all these on your iPhone with Delta.

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That’s it. Thank You, let us know if you have any queries on this topic.

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