GBA4iOS X Emulator iPhone Free Download (GBA4vOS – visionOS)

Developers Bring Retro Game Boy Games to Reality- GBA4iOS X: The revived game after a decade, GBA4iOS is now stronger than ever! Experience the joy of the original Game Boy emulator on your iOS device and party like it’s 2014. Welcome to GBA4vOS X, the top Game Boy Advance emulator for visionOS, which has been resurrected for the modern computer era.

GBA4iOS X Emulator Free Download on iPhone

Anywhere from your homeroom to the moon, relive your favorite GBA games! You can play Game Boy Advance games without experiencing any emotions at all or for the first time. Playing a real-life Game Boy with your hands is laughably funny, even if it might not be the best option. You should check out – Delta Emulator IPA v1.5 Free Download on iOS (LATEST, 2024).


An Overview of GBA4iOS X (GBA4vOS)

Soon to be on the App Store, GBA4iOS X is an improved version of the well-liked GBA4iOS software. The upgrade will provide players with a more seamless Game Boy emulation experience on any iPhone.

With its “Event Distribution” promise, the GBA4iOS announcement claims to provide you with original new characters and events basically, a digital get-together that will genuinely evoke memories. GBA4iOS X has been recompiled + updated to make it fully compatible with iOS 17.

Features of GBA4iOS X (Emulator – GBA4vOS)

  • Share-Games

Syncing games across devices is something that many of you have asked about. I have chosen not to do this to keep things simple and avoid wasting space on games that can be redownloaded on Dropbox. On the other hand, if you wish to share a game over email or AirDrop (if your device is compatible), you may do so by pressing and holding the game inside the main menu.

  • Rename Games

Pressing and holding on a game in the main menu will allow you to rename it to anything you want, much as when you share games. Renaming is much better because it just works and won’t interfere with any game-related functions like syncing or saving.

  • Protect and Rename Save States

Any emulator would benefit from having strong save states, therefore I made sure they were. Renaming or protecting a save state in GBA4iOS 2.0 may be done by tapping and holding the state. You may call it anything you like for future identification, which is precisely what renaming accomplishes.

(GBA4vOS – visionOS) - Gameplay

GBA4iOS has a unique feature for protecting: once a save state is protected, it cannot be changed. This is especially useful for saving states that you want to save after a thrilling gaming event so you never inadvertently erase them. Unprotecting a save state at a later time is always an option.

  • The Key is Personalization.

A collection of exquisite controller skins for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy (Colour) games is included with GBA4iOS 2.0. It was our goal to provide consumers with an equal range of choices when it came to the skins they use to play the hundreds of games that are accessible. GBA4iOS 2.0 allows you to use as many third-party controller skins as you like, unlike earlier iterations.

Are you hoping to obtain a Mario or a Pokemon skin during the princess rescue? Options abound when it comes to customizing controller skins. The controller skins may be downloaded directly from the app or via a third-party skin website like to simplify the procedure.

  • It’s Redesigned for iOS 7

Now that GBA4iOS 2.0 has complete cheat support, the most sought-after functionality is now available! While it is enjoyable to play certain vintage games, using hacks allows you to play with much more flexibility.

You may forget about worrying about your code’s compatibility with GBA4iOS because it supports five distinct cheat code types. Your code will simply function. Furthermore, GBA4iOS automatically manages per-game Master Codes for you, which makes cheating even simpler.

  • iOS 7 control support added.
  • Dropbox Sync added.
  • Game boy color support was added.
  • Custom controller skins added.
  • iPad support was also added.
  • Event distribution feature added.

GBA4iOS - GBA4vOS | VisionOS

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Download GBA4iOS X Emulator on iPhone via Altstore

Installing GBA4iOS X on your smartphone is simple. More than 2000 games and applications are available after you install it. There are modified stock applications and games that can be downloaded for free, while some of them are legitimate premium apps.

  • Install Altstore on your device.

   Download AltStore (Setup)

  • Search for GBA4iOS X in the search bar and tap on the download button.

   Install GBA4iOS X with AltStore

  • Make sure the date is at least one day in the past time before downloading by going to Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Reset the date to normal after installing GBA4iOS when it has finished downloading.
  • Set the date back, launch GBA4iOS, and then set it back to normal if GBA4iOS is unable to open one more time.
  • That’s it. Enjoy the GBA4vOS, the premier Game Boy Advance emulator for visionOS.
GBA4vOS, the premier Game Boy Advance emulator for visionOS 🥽
GBA4vOS, the premier Game Boy Advance emulator for visionOS 🥽

For iOS 8.0.3 & Below:

  Download GBA4iOS 1.6.2 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Delete Games from GBA4iOS: How Can I do that?

If you wish to remove a game, just swipe left on it and answer the conversation that appears. Everything on Dropbox that you have saved about that game will remain intact.

Q - In what way do I Activate Fast Forward?

To access “Fast Forward” while in a game, first press the Menu button. Another option is to set up a button on your iOS 7 controller to automatically advance when it is pressed.

Q - How can I open the menu for Cheats?

“Cheat Codes” may be accessed by tapping the Menu button while in the game.

Q - How can Dropbox Sync be Enabled?

Toggle the gear icon located in the upper left corner of the menu. To access the Dropbox Sync option, click “Dropbox Sync” after scrolling down to find it. Alternatively, you may sign in to Dropbox by flipping the top switch on from here. Data synchronization to Dropbox will begin as soon as you log in with GBA4iOS.

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Conclusion – GBA4iOS X Emulator (GBA4vOS)

Because it is so simple to use, GBA4iOS X has become an enormous success. This software is excellent if you want to play your beloved old games again without jailbreaking your device.

Thank You.

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