[Solved*]Delta Emulator Not Working/Crashing & All Errors

Hey guys, we are live with an other on Delta Emulator. Delta emulator IPA is an iOS emulator which got developed by Riley Testut, the same who developed GBA4iOS. As of now Delta Emulator is on the beta test mode and several developers tried out and came up with excellent reviews.

DELTA Emulator is the most awaited Emulator which is going to hit the app stores soon from the makers of Game Boy. First off all we want to say that its really amazing and in this modern era, larger displays matters for everyone. Delta emulator engine is pretty more powerful and made the Emulator much smoother and its pretty sure that it will be an amazing experience for everyone once it gets released.


Delta Emulator not working.

Download Delta Emulator for iOS devices without Jail Breaking.

Even though, Delta Emulator is on the beta mode. We have got you a better way to download and install Delta Emulator on your iOS device. Download Delta Emulator for your iOS(iPhone/iPad)/Android Devices.

Main SSL Errors of Delta Emulators.

If you have downloaded and installed delta emulator on your iOS device,then you dont face any further issues. Most of the users have got an SSL error and we have come up with a solution. If a pop like Delta Emulator could not be downloaded at this time, you will be able to fix it by the solution given below.

First Method:

  • If you are using Safari browser to download delta emulator, just close it.
  • Not only safari, just close down all other applications that you were using.
  • Now again, just download the Delta Emulator through the link which we have given below.

Second Method:

  • Just close down the browser you are using to download Delta Emulator.
  • Then just shut down all the other applications that you were using.
  • Just switch off your device and wait for sometime and then switch it on.
  • If it doesn’t work out in the first try, just try once more.

[Update] Delta Emulator Crashing Issues  & Delta App Not Working

Latest fix delta emulator crashing issues.

Fix for the Delta Emulator Crashing Issues.

Few of the users have messaged us about that they got few crashing issues because of certificates. The main reason behind this is cause of expired certificates.
If this crashing issues getting frequently, the only solution you have is to uninstall Delta Emulator and install it again.

Hope all your issues got clarification. If you still have any queries on “Latest Fix on Delta Emulator not working or Crashing“, just ping us through the comments and we will get you at the earliest. In next article we will discuss about “Delta Emulator Could Not be Installed at this time” error.

We will post about every latest news and updates about Delta Emulator for iOS device. So we all have to say is that “Keep Visiting



    • Yes mine does too and it sucks cause I have to uninstall the app and reinstall the app and then lose my safe games

  1. I can’t verify the app it says “Failed to verify code signature” “The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.” does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Hey, I have a different experience of crashing – I can add & play roms/games through the delta emulator.
    However, it keep crashes in 5-10 minutes when playing the game.
    Is there any solution to fix this?
    Thank you very much.

    My device : iPhone X iOS 12.3.1

  3. I’m playing Pokémon Fire Red, and it keeps crashing in 5-10 minute intervals. I’m tired of having to backtrack. Please fix this.

  4. running v0.8 and ios 12.4 iphone x
    crashes also after about 5 mins , n64 or snes games
    any ideas on solution or when an update is due ?

  5. So I’m having an issue where I’ll play a game for about 5min and then it crashes. I tried multiple games to figure out if it was a specific one or not. But it happens on all and all the consoles. Is there an update coming out soon for this fix?

  6. Game installs and plays without error up to 30 seconds then app closes. This is using iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12.4. Any solution

  7. Playing on iPhone XR iOS 12.4 and I am able to download & play roms but it crashes every 5-10 minutes anybody know a fix for this

  8. Same problem related! I can start the game, but in a interval of 5-7 minutes it crashes… fix it please!!!

  9. Hey, more of the same to report. Crashing every five-ish minutes while playing. Hoping they sort this out soon. All aside, an amazing app.

  10. Hi, for me my delta emulator will not open because it says unable to verify app. This happened a bit after I had been playing for a while and whenever I try to verify it in settings it doesn’t work.

  11. My Delta keeps crashing, I added 1 game, it says syncing and then crashes, no matter how many times I close it or open it.

  12. Had it downloaded and it was working fine and then today on lunch it said i had to verify the app so I did and it just wouldn’t open at all after that.

  13. Downloaded Delta in my iOS 13.2.3 (Iphone SE) (Not Jailbreak)
    Downloaded Resident Evil 2 ROM, the main screen works but
    into the actual gameplay it doesnt show the characters but the inventory screen works perfectly fine, this made me worry, any fix?

  14. The app crash when it syncs Dropbox 1 of ? and it keeps crashing, iOS 13.3 iPhone 7 Plus

    • Hey,

      Try to install new version with AltStore App, which is working perfectly without errors.

      Let us know if you still face any issues.


        • Hey, Kevin, It’s working for both Windows & Mac devices.

          Let us know if you need assistance to get it installed on your devices.


  15. When I boot it up, it crashes before even getting past the logo. I am an SM64 Machinmist so this is very troubling as I cannot run my channel without a safe Emulator capable of running SM64 on iOS.

  16. My delta emulator won’t even open when I tap on it it shows the sign and sends me right back to the main screen and I have tried everything from reinstalling it to turning my device off

  17. As soon as i open the app, it closes it directly. I tried all the solutions but none helped me? I’m willing to pay to get it fixed tho….

  18. Hey delta keeps exiting out every time I click on it. Is there any ways to fix that?

  19. I have tried these methods multiple times and it keeps saying unable to install. i am on ios 13.4.1

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