Download Delta Emulator on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak (UPDATE)

Download Delta Emulator for iOS 11: Every iOS user should be familiar with GBA4iOS, now it got a newer version named as Delta Emulator. This article is exclusively for iOS 11 & 11 on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. Delta Emulator will help to load up SNES, N64, and GBA games smoothly on your iOS 11 iPhone/iPad without any hassle.

As per the tweet from the GBA4iOS developer Riley Testut, GBA4iOS will make it exit from the app store in some time. But as the successor of GBA4iOS, Delta emulator will showcase a powerful emulator in all means.

Download Delta Emulator for iOS 11 without Jailbreak.

Already, the devs have launched the beta version of delta emulator on iOS 11 and other versions for iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. The first impression of the devs who have tested the beta versions is pretty impressive and that what makes us keep waiting for the official launch.

Delta Emulator Download for iOS Play Nintendo Games on iPhone/iPad 

Delta Emulator is designed up by adding a lot of quality features which stays over GBA4iOS. The beta version itself made a huge impact on the users and we will guide you on to download and install Delta Emulator on iOS 11 and 11+ devices.

Delta emulator is one of the most advanced emulators which is going to spread their roots in the market. Delta Emulator for iOS 11 is made upon a better engine and it will be smooth as butter to handle on.

The larger display’s without any screen borders which will make up your gaming experience pretty amazing. The album art is the best thing we have got into, once the game is launched up you will be able to roam over all the ROMs you have loaded up. The User interface is pretty cool and quick responsive one than GBA4iOS.

Delta emulator ios 11

Game screen of Delta Emulator on iOS for iPhone/iPad

for PC Users: Download Delta Emulator for PC Windows 10/8 & Windows 8.1/7/XP/Mac Laptop.

Download and Install Delta Emulator on iOS Without jailbreak.

Our blog is the first one to bring down a major update on How to download and Install delta emulator on iOS 11 and 11+ without Jailbreak. Delta Emulator is going to be one of the top emulators that are going to breakdown all the vintage gaming experiences and that too without jailbreak.

We will brief up each and every steps on downloading and installation process. Two methods are there and just follow up the one you wish to.


After a lot of trial and error methods, We have a direct Installation LINKS to get this fantastic Delta Emulator without any hassle. Please check below updated and working link to get Delta Emulator on our iOS Devices.

First Download Link: Delta Emulator Direct Download Link 1

Second Download Link: Download Delta Emulator UPDATED Version

Follow the above link, It will give you the direct prompt option like below image to start the installation of Delta Emulator on iOS Devices, proceed and get it on our devices.

Delta Emulator on iOS - UPDATED

Delta Emulator on iOS – UPDATED

Great Movie App: “Swift Streamz APK – Download on Android, iOS & PC Devices“.


  • First off all, from your iPhone/iPad open up your browser and type in this URL http://bit.do/deltaemulator. Just click on the green download button once the homepage gets loaded up and then on the Install button.

Latest delta emulator for iOS 11

  • The installation process will be completed automatically in a minute. After that, you will get a pop up as “Untrusted Enterprise“. Now open the settings and go to the profile section, just tap and trust on the desired profile.

That’s it and if you get a window as “Unable to download“, follow up the second method.

Another Similar Emulator:HandJoy Emulator on iOS Download Without Jailbreak (Working)“.


The only additional requirement you need in this method is a PC/Laptop and just follow up the steps as it is.

  • First of all, connect your iOS device with PC/Laptop and go to this URL and download the delta emulator.ipa file. Move it to the root folder of any of your Drive.

Download and Install delta emulator for iOS 11 without Jail break

  • Download Cydia Impactor and install it. Once the installation process is done, launch it.
  • Now place and drag up the downloaded .ipa file to Cydia impactor. Just start the process and thats it.
  • You can disconnect the device now and will be able to launch and access the Delta Emulator for iOS 11 without any hassle.

Install ROMS in Delta Emulator on iOS (iPhone/iPad) | Play Nintendo Games on iOS

  • Connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac/Laptop via a cable and navigate to the iTunes on your device
  • In a minute, the app store will get loaded up and from the apps section, just select Delta Emulator.
  • Now open the game ROM’s folder, just drag and drop one by one to the Delta Emulator and tap on Sync.
  • After that, from your device launch delta emulator and click on the + icon.
  • Select iTunes and tap on import and thats it, every single ROM will be imported to delta emulator.

Thats it, now you will be able to access Delta Emulator on iOS 11 without jailbreak. Hope the official launch will happen soon and keep visiting this page for further updates.

Hope this article on “Download and Install Delta Emulator on iOS(iPhone/iPad) without Jailbreak“. If you face up any queries, just ping us through the comment options.



  1. When I enter the link for the download into my broswer, it just takes me to the google homepage. Is there another link i could use? I’m running iOS 11 on an iPhone X

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