AltStore – Download Delta Emulator on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

If you are an avid fan of playing old-school games like Mario, Super Mario, and more on your iPhone, you must be completely aware and also might be using Delta Emulator. When it comes to the impeccable and an immaculate emulation of NES, SNES, N64, and Game Boy games on iPhone, the name of Delta Emulator comes on the top.

However, up until now, everybody wasn’t able to access Delta Emulator on their iPhone. But, with this post, the state of affairs are finally going to alter as the splendid Delta Emulator will be available to all via the AltStore.

The best lite version of an emulator you can get in Market: Download and Install Delta Lite NES Emulator for iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak].


What is AltStore?

All iOS users are aware of the fact that when it comes to hacked, modified, and tweaked apps, Apple has a strict policy. A lot many third-party iOS app installers came up for catering these tweaked apps and make them available for the users to download. However, Apple, tough as ever, unleashes its onslaught on these third-party App Stores, every now and then, invalidating their certificates.

AltStore App Download to Get Delta Emulator

Witnessing this scenario, Riley Testut, the brain behind the Delta Emulator, announced an alternative iOS App Store that goes by the name of AltStore, enabling him and other developers to distribute iOS apps that, in the original scenario, will never make up to the official Apple App Store by surpassing the Apple’s application review system. The amazing AltStore comes with an inbuilt Delta Emulator.

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AltStore comes up with Inbuilt Delta Emulator

Unlike other third-party iOS app installers, AltStore on iOS is not dependent on enterprise certificates. Instead, it is a fully native, sandboxed iOS application that sideloads apps for you on your iPhone by tricking the device into thinking that these applications are developed by yourself only. For this, you require providing your Apple ID and password to AltStore. AltStore sends apps over WiFi to a desktop companion app, AltServer that utilizes iTunes WiFi sync to install the apps on your device.

The coolest part is that these installed apps won’t expire after 7 days as AltStore will automatically refresh them for you in the background whenever the store is on the same WiFi as AltServer.

As of now, only two apps are available on the AltStore; Delta and Clip. However, Riley Testut and other developers will be bringing more apps soon. Now, if you wish to get Delta Emulator up and running on your iPhone, you require installing AltStore on your device. Please follow the below steps for that.

AltStore App Information:

App NameAltStore
PlatformMac OSX, & Windows
wDeveloperRiley Testut
CategoryApplications & Games

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How To Install Delta Emulator from AltStore on iPhone/iPad

Since you are going to install AltStore for the first time, you require installing it via AltServer. Hence, your first step is to install AltServer on your iPhone.

  • Please download AltServer on your Windows/MAC Computer from the official website below.

   Download for MAC OSX

   Download for Windows

Alternative Download Links:

AltServer macOS:

   Download AltServer for macOS

(Requires macOS 10.14.4+ or Later)

AltServer Windows:

   Download AltServer for Windows

(Requires Windows 10 or later)

Altstore on iOS

  • After successful installation of AltServer, please connect your iPhone to the computer.

Launch Altstore on your device

  • Launch the AltServer application and select your iPhone from the ‘Install AltStore’ menu.
  • Now, you will be asked your Apple ID credentials. If you don’t want to give up your personal account, you can create an alternate one and provide the credentials of the same.

Altstore Download on iOS

  • Next, when you will check your iPhone’s home screen, you will be able to see the icon of AltStore.
  • Please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of AltStore, prior to launching the app from the home screen.
  • Launch AltStore and tap on the ‘Settings’ tab in the application. Here, you require entering the same Apple ID credentials that you utilized to set up AltServer on your PC.

Altstore latest on iOS

  • That’s it! Now simply tap on Delta app and install it the same way you install an application from the original App Store.


Note: If you are using a Windows PC, you have to download iTunes from official apple website and should not get them from Microsoft store. You can use below links to download it to your device.

   iTune for Windows 64-bit

   iTunes for Windows 32-bit

And, proceed with above installation steps and get the altstore on to your device without any hassles.

These were the steps to install Delta Emulator on iPhone from AltStore and check out Download Delta Emulator on iOS (UPDATE)(With AppValley, & Cydia Impactor).

How to Import Games to Delta

It’s very easy, you simple follow below steps to import games on to delta emulator.

Supported File Formats:

SystemAccepted Formats
SNES.smc, .sfc, .fig
Game Boy Color.gbc
Game Boy Advance.gba
Nintendo DS.ds, .nds
Sega Genesis.gen, .bin, .md, .smd
Nintendo 64.n64, .z64
  • Go to App, and hit ‘+’ icon on the top right corner.
  • Next, select import the games from either iTunes of Files.

Import Games iTunes or Files - Delta Emulator

  • You can see a lot of imported games after you importing them to delta emulator like below picture.

Import Games to Delta Emulator iPhone

  • After importing the game, if you want to play any of the games from the list..Just tap on any of your favorite games, and begin playing.

Play the games Delta Emulator - Import Files

How to Install Apps from AltStore

It’s very much pretty simple as like we install apps from our iOS store. Let’s dig in.

  • Open AltStore from your home screen.
  • You will see a lot of apps and you can browse your favorite app the list.
  • Tap on your favorite app, and it starts installing on your device.

Pro’s & Con’s of AltStore – Delta Emulator

We do have pro’s and cons for our favorite altstore, there won’t be enterprise certificate in this whole process, so it’s very hard for Apple to stop it. Let’s start discussion both the pro’s and con’s of altstore.


  • No jailbreak required to install AltStore or apps from altstore.
  • No revokes.
  • Sideload apps just like we do in Cydia Impactor method.
  • Unrevokable application without using any VPN.


  • App refresh required for every 7 days.
  • We need PC to install the application.

Top Downloads from AltStore

  • GBA4iOS
  • Provenance Emulator
  • iNDS Emulator
  • Delta Emulator

Final Words – Install Delta Emulator using AltStore on iOS

 If you are a developer, you must know that AltStore is an open-source project and you can have a look on the same on GitHub. For any additional queries and questions that you might have, please let us know about the same via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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